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In the previous blogs you have read the importance of an interactive directory and how to combine it with progressive profiling, so you get more insights about the behavior of your (potential) costumers. The next step is to combine internal and external data to enrich the your costumer’s profiles even more.

Our clients needs

Our clients achieve up to 37% more turnover with our shopping cart. Our powerful “related articles” and “others bought this” feature increases the average basket size value up to 24%.


View everywhere

Being relevant is on everyone’s agenda. Give your audience the ability to continue reading wherever they left off, on whatever device they pick up next. Be relevant!

Easy to use

We can talk all day about features and benefits. Just remember that has 30% more features than our friends in the industry. Make stunning magazines in a few simple steps with 

Just drag, drop, click, scroll, swipe and enjoy!


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